Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seasons of Life

Two men were walking together after a tough day at work. As they were walking, one was looking down at the dirt on the road, lamenting and cursing about the passing day…another was looking up at the stars in the sky, talking and dreaming about new possibilities of tomorrow…

What was happening?

They both had a tough day and in the same environment as they were walking in the night… yes, they were in the same external world…but no, they were miles apart in their inner worlds.

We are living on a shared space called planet earth. We breathe in the same air and take in the same sunshine and rain. The earth is rotating around the sun and giving us seasons irregardless of what we do on earth. There are laws of life governing the earth and the universe.

Life is like changing seasons in nature…spring, summer, autumn & winter . . .a journey of changing seasons.

Some of us are in a season of spring, some in summer, or autumn or winter. Change is constant in life. What season are you in right now? It doesn’t depend on your age, it depends on your inner world.

There are things we can change and things we can’t change. It’s part of the laws of life.

Sometimes peoples fear and reject change because of the perception of pain that it brings. Actually it is not change that brings the pain but the resistance to change is the pain.

Knowing what can be change and what can’t is a wisdom we need in life.

Sometimes we can change the external world and sometimes we can’t. But we can always change our inner worlds. Irregardless of the external world, it is possible to make our inner worlds peaceful and beautiful.

For things we can change, we need courage and wisdom to change for a better future. For things we can’t change, we need to adapt and accept the reality. When there is real peace within, we can calm the raging storm without.

Change can be positive or negative. Changing for the better or worst.

If we gain the wisdom of knowing how to change for the better, more and more each day, life become joyous and full of pleasant adventures.

May we call this the journey of success - an art of successful living?

Are you looking at the dirt on the road or stars in the sky?

What’s the season you are in right now? How was the smell of coffee this morning?

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